Motorcycle license - how much does this dream cost?


Not only men but also women nowadays decide to get a motorcycle license. It is a very convenient transportation in the city, besides there is no need to worry about whether there will be a free space in the parking lot as the motorcycle can be left also on the sidewalk or next to the entrance of a building. The motorcycle is associated with freedom, adrenaline and speed. Active and brave personalities are the type of people that tend to choose it as their daily means of transportation. Not only does getting to work become more exciting by riding a motorcycle but it is also possible to become a member of some of the Latvian motorcycle clubs, find like-minded people and go on trips together during weekends or vacations. Motorcycle license promises adventure, new impressions and strong emotions.

Read more about obtaining a motorcycle license and about how much this dream costs next in cooperation with the biggest Latvian driving school Presto!

From what age can one start?

A category motorcycle license can be obtained only from the age of 24. However, it is possible to move towards the dream of a motorcycle license already from the age of 14. The first category that can be undertaken at this age is AM. With this category, it is allowed to ride mopeds with engine capacity of up to 50 cm3 and the maximum speed of up to 45 km/h.

To get an AM category license, it is necessary to pass the RTSD theory exam that consists of 20 questions as well as the state driving exam.

How much does the AM category cost?

To start training with an instructor, first it is necessary to take out the learner's driving permit from RTSD which costs 6.16 EUR. In driving school Presto, the theory course that consists of 11 lessons in the AM category, costs 10 EUR. When starting the training it is also necessary to register, which costs 20 EUR. It is mandatory to get a medical certificate to receive a doctor's confirmation that the future driver is in good health and able to ride a moped. A medical certificate in Presto can be obtained cheaper and faster than elsewhere - starting from 29 EUR. A mandatory prerequisite to pass the RTSD theory exam is the first aid training course which costs 55 EUR in Presto.

The price of driving lessons starts from 40 EUR - 45 min x 2. Overall, the process of training in the AM category consists of 5 mandatory driving lessons or 10 academic hours. However, the necessary number of lessons may differ from trainee to trainee. But taking into account the set minimum number of classes by state, the minimum necessary investment is calculated to be in the amount of 200 EUR.

The RTSD theory exam costs 5.01 EUR but the driving exam - 11.33 EUR. The issuing of a driver's license in RTSD costs 22.05 EUR.

If all the costs are summed up, they make a total of 358 EUR that is the minimum cost for AM category motorcycle license training in AM category. It should also be taken account that there may be a need to pay for additional driving lessons as well for the use of training maneuverability area - 1-3 EUR per visit, and at the end of training a school exam must be passed with another instructor.

Continuation of the training from 16

After getting the AM category the next step towards a motorcycle license is A1 category that can be obtained from the age of 16. The A1 category motorcycle license allows riding motorcycles with engine capacity of up to 125 cm3, power - up to 11 KW and power/weight ratio - 01 KW/kg. Said in simpler words - during A1 category training one learns to ride a motorcycle of limited cubic capacity and power. This category also includes tricycles with a power up to 15 KW.

A1 category motorcycles with power up to 125 cm3 can be ridden also with B category driver's license. Those that are willing to start the B category training from the age of 16 should, however, take into account that B category license can be obtained only from the age of 18. To be allowed to ride an A1 category motorcycle all alone from the age of 16, it is still necessary to get the A1 category motorcycle license.

How much does getting A1 category cost?

The total cost for the theory part is the same as for the AM category: registration fee - 20 EUR, theory course - 10 EUR, first aid training - 55 EUR and medical certificate - from 29 EUR.

The price of driving lessons starts from 40 EUR - the more highly qualified the instructor, the higher the price of lessons. It is also necessary to pay for the usage of the training maneuverability area - 1-3 EUR, as well as for passing the driving school exam in the end. The price of the exam equals the price of the lesson of the particular instructor - starting from 40 EUR. The minimum number of driving lessons for A1 category motorcycle license set by the state is 5 lessons or 10 academic hours.

To start driving training, it is necessary to take out the learner's driving permit in RTSD, which costs 6.16 EUR. The price of the state theory exam is 12.63 EUR but the state driving exam costs 54.93 EUR. The price of issuing the driver's license is 22.05 EUR.

In total, the minimum investment makes up 409.77 EUR to get the A1 category motorcycle license. In addition to that, in individual cases there may be a need for additional driving lessons as well as passing the driving school exam may take more than 1 attempt. How often a training maneuverability area is visited, also depends on each trainee.

Motorcycle license from the age of 18

A2 category license can be obtained from the age of 18. By getting A2 category, one can ride motorcycles with power up to 35 KW, a power/weight ratio - 0,2 KW/kg and that are not derived from vehicles with power exceeding motorcycle's power by more than a factor of 2. Training with an A2 category means riding a motorcycle with limited power - and still it is more powerful than it is in the case of A1 motorcycle license.

How much does getting A2 category cost?

The total costs and price categories are the same as for undergoing A1 category training. And just as it is for AM and A1 category training, also for A2 training the minimum number of driving lessons set by the state is 5 or 10 academic hours. The only difference is the theory training course which in the case of the A2 motorcycle license category is 5 EUR - the price is lower as the theory course is shorter. Instead of 11 lessons there are only 3 lessons to attend.

The minimum investment of A2 category motorcycle license is 404.77 EUR. It is necessary to pay 1-3 EUR in addition for the usage of training maneuverability area, driving school exam - from 40 EUR for 1 attempt, as well as additional driving lessons if necessary - from 40 EUR one lesson.

How to get the A category?

Those that have obtained A2 category motorcycle license and have already 2 years of experience, already qualify for A category motorcycle license. However, if A2 category is not obtained already, the motorcycle license in A category can be obtained only from the age of 24 by training at a driving school. Riding a motorcycle of this category requires a high level of responsibility, that is why the age limit for this category is higher than for others.

How much does A category cost?

The total costs of A category in all positions equals A2 category training costs. Getting A category motorcycle license requires a minimum investment of 404.77 EUR. In case one needs additional driving training on top of the minimum number of 5 lessons required by state, the overall costs may be higher. Also the overall expenses for passing the driving school exam depends on the number of attempts needed for each trainee to pass the exam successfully. Visiting a training maneuverability area costs 1-3 EUR.

Let the dreams come true!

As we found out in the conversation with driving school Presto, to fulfill a dream of a motorcycle license, there is a certain minimal investment amount required for each category: AM - 358.55 EUR, A1 - 409.77 EUR, A2 and A - 404.77 EUR. In addition to these mandatory expenses, one has to add the costs of driving school and RTSD exams.

If a motorcycle license is an old dream, there is good news - moto season is almost here! It is possible to start saving money already now to have all the necessary amount by spring.

If you want to fulfill the dream of a motorcycle license in 2022, open and choose the most suitable training time already today!
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