FERRARI 812 GTS new convertible with decent data

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Ferrari introduced the 812 GTS model. This is a convertible built on the basis of the already well-known model 812 Superfast, which has been produced since 2017. Ferrari GTS 812 has a length of 4.7 m, a width of 1.97 meters and a height of 1.28 m. The car is equipped with an automatically folding canvas roof. Folding and unfolding operations can be performed when driving at speeds up to 45 km / h and last 14 seconds.

The design of the 812 Superfast is that it forced quite a lot of rework to the rear of the body. The car received two fairly significant deformations, running along the body towards the headrests of the seats, and between them is an electric window lifter, whose task is to protect from the wind.

The different shape of the rear body did not affect the downforce level. Ferrari ensures that it was kept at the same level as in the 812 Superfast, and this was achieved thanks to the rear diffuser spoiler under the bumper and the correct floor shape.
In terms of technology, the Ferrari 812 GTS is obviously the 812 Superfast's twin. The car is driven by a front-mounted 6.5 V12 engine with a power of 800 HP and a torque of 718 Nm, which is transmitted to the wheels via a seven-gear clutch. This is enough for a car weighing 1,600 kg to catapult to 100 km/h in less than 3 Seconds and reach 200 km/h in 8.2 seconds.
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