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A Latvian proverb “if you do not save santims, you cannot have lats” has always turned out helpful to learn the meaning of the virtue of thrift and master the art of achieving greater aims. In the car business, an ad plays an important role, and nowadays even the least of sellers is forced to pay a monthly fee for an ad to be kept on a website even if it is not paying back and no income is gained. Regardless of whether selling a car is a one-time event or a more serious business concept, there is a portal in Latvia that offers to take the selling process to the next quality and safety level.

Dalder.lv is discussed both in well known media and different websites of car enthusiasts' forums. And also on our website we could not leave it ignored. It is an innovative market platform in which you can place an ad for free even for a period of 12 months. However, that is not the best part - dalder.lv maintains a mini website of each user free of charge, offers to improve the ratings of traders and attract more clients with the help of a 5-star rating and review section. Those are the reasons why dalder.lv has stepped up from the level of a simple classifieds portal to a high-quality market platform.

More on how dalder.lv can improve both sellers and buyers' experience when it comes to car deals, we will tell you next!

Bonuses for the buyer

First of all, we were convinced to use the portal in a buyer's position already because of the previously mentioned features. This is the first classifieds portal in Latvia where a buyer can obtain more information, without limiting to the data available in the ad. Therefore, each buyer gets a chance to make a much more informed choice, as well as the process of gathering information before making the final decision is facilitated.

Until now, to make sure of the seller's honesty was possible only by reviewing other websites, such as CSDD or Google. By entering the specific car data in the search engine, soon it comes to light whether a car has been involved in a major crash or any other serious incident, which in turn explains the true technical condition of the vehicle. The support of these websites during the investigation step still continues to play a significant role also for a user of dalder.lv; however, that is not everything.

Dalder.lv ensures a possibility to gain additional information right on the platform. The most valuable section to each car buyer is the feedback bar. It is included in the website of any trader (the websites are automatically linked to the inserter's ad). If selling low-quality cars is the seller's daily routine, the reviews will not silence the fact. Therefore, when looking for the desired car on dalder.lv, there is a much higher probability to avoid fraudulent offers. Reviews can be read both about dealers and enterprises as well about private sellers.

Another important factor to consider when making a choice is the seller's rating. Rating is based on a five-star system. After a deal each buyer can leave its rating - from one to five stars. The better the rating, the safer the buyer feels about buying a car from the particular trader.


An interesting equation that can be used to describe dalder.lv is the seemingly illogical formula: buying = selling. However, that is precisely how the logic of the websites on the platform work. Each registered user obtains a personal website automatically with an opportunity to fill the sections according to the profile status - either as an individual, self-employed or an enterprise. This website can serve as a buyers and seller's profile at the same time.

It means that after concluding a deal a registered dalder.lv user not only can leave a review about a seller and tell more about the quality of the purchased car, but also get reviewed by the seller himself. Both sides can leave their ratings (evaluations) about the mutual cooperation - both buyer and seller.

It is said that a car owner has two happiest moments related to 1 car - purchasing and selling it. As thrilling as the purchasing of a car and joy about its good performance, honesty of a seller and kindness, just as eager is the pure desire to sell the car later on as soon as possible and for a better price.

Research shows that most buyers get acquainted with reviews. Finally dalder.lv has ensured this possibility also on a classifieds portal in Latvia. As the results of research show, even 1 single review has the power to influence the opinion of new potential buyers about the seller's reliability. It means that a positive review in the shoes of a buyer can later on help to get a more positive opinion in the eyes of the future buyers when there will be a need to sell this very car.

What does a seller gain?

Any seller, regardless of whether the seller is a dealer, enterprise, self-employed or an individual, registering on dalder.lv means a chance to join a professional market platform that provides with more advanced marketing tools, a chance to place ads for dee and improve the sales figures. It means a chance to get more recognition, reach more clients and increase the sales amounts.

The website of dalder.lv is much more structured, well-considered and elaborate than a common classifieds portal. Besides, it is no longer a repository of chaotic and anonymous ads, which have been placed in corresponding categories. Before opening each separate ad, immediately the name of the seller can be seen. Because the ad is automatically linked to the seller's website, the buyer has a chance to find out more not only about the enterprise itself, but also about other of its offers and published ads.

Very often good sellers stay unnoticed just because there is no platform on which to find more about them. If one does not live in a certain region or city, a good car dealer may stay unknown. However, on dalder.lv one can easily review both ads and different sellers. It means that the name of the seller finally has been given a much more meaningful and important role on a classifieds portal. It becomes equivalent to the ad itself. Therefore, at the center is not only a certain offer in the form of an ad, but also the seller itself. Even in case a certain ad has not spoken to a client, he/she will have an opportunity to look up the specific trader to conclude a deal later on in the future.

In search criteria of dalder.lv it is possible to look up also a specific seller by its name, as well as start following a seller's profile or the so-called mini website just as it is on social networks. As a result, the ads of the selected seller will always rise to higher positions and be displayed to the specific user as a priority. This feature enables to be among the first to reach the clients.

Dalder.lv and Facebook

Just as Facebook once revolutionized the communication between people, so dalder.lv brings significant change and innovation to the field of trades, offering a much wider range of features as the old generation advertising portals. Besides, dalder.lv has its market share also on Facebook, which ensures a chance for sellers to reach more potential clients.

The Facebook group Dalder.lv Preces already has over 80 thousand members. This clearly shows that the innovative classifieds portal continues to receive users' recognition and appreciation.

In addition to that, it is also a multicultural portal. Dalder.lv has 3 languages - Latvian, Russian and English. Taking into account globalization, also in Latvia there are now many more representatives of different nationalities that have either started a family here or moved because of work or studies. If the seller wants to reach a possibly wider audience, dalder.lv is the right choice - an automatic translation of ads is ensured in all 3 languages of the portal.

Dalder.lv - it is a support platform to new business ideas, free ad and possibility to reach more users. As in any business, also a seller of cars has to be there where the client is. But a client that hopes to find many more options to choose from, has to be there where the seller is. Dalder.lv is a place where both sides meet.

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